Why the west of Australia is best

Perth skyline from a park

For many, visiting Australia means travelling to its East Coast. Along the way, you’ll be able to visit cosmopolitan cities like Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, as well as visit some gorgeous beaches like Byron Bay. There’s also plenty to do if you want to get away from city life and head out into the East Coast’s beautiful rural spots as well. It’s fair to say that there is no wonder why Australia’s East Coast is such a hit with tourists

But that isn’t all that Australia has to offer. In fact, the stunning West Coast is also a fantastic destination for travellers and tourists, with some even arguing that it is the best of the country’s coasts. Is West really best? Read on to make up your mind…

The City of Perth

It’s not just Eastern Australia that has the cool cosmopolitan cities. The West Coast has Perth, which is just as hip and has plenty to do! Make sure you head into the city centre so that you can visit King’s Park. This large urban park always has something going on, and you can wander around its various sculptures or cool off with a delicious gelato. You’ll also find a couple of bars in the park, each of which has trendy rooftop terraces.

Great whale and shark watching opportunities

Have you always wanted to see whales and sharks in their natural habitat? Well, if so, the West Coast is the place to be! In fact, you will be able to go one better as you can even swim with whale sharks in Exmouth, on the tip of the North West Cape. Another great whale watching spot is Montgomery Reef in the north, which is Australia’s largest inshore reef. It’s also worth stopping off in Kimberley for some spotting as well, as this is close to a known whale-breeding area.

Fantastic national parks

Most of Western Australia is bush and isolated countryside. A lot of its landscapes are absolutely gorgeous and, what’s more, they don’t attract too many visitors. In fact, if you visit some of the West Coast’s best national parks, you might be surprised at just how quiet they are. You will feel like you have the terrific scenery all to yourself! Karijini National Park is great for campers and you’ll be able to explore its scenic gorges and bracing mountain landscape. Fitzgerald River National Park is another must-see and is known for its abundance of plant life.

Great foodie destination

Did you know that the West Coast also has an unbeatable reputation for its food too? It’s true! If you are staying near the Margaret River region, you’ll be surrounded by excellent vineyards. Most towns and cities in the area also host regular food and drink festivals throughout the summer. You’ll find lots of brilliant local produce that will really excite your taste buds!

So, next time you wonder where you should head to in Australia, there is only one place to consider now – the exciting West Coast!