What’s grocery shopping? HelloFresh changes the way you live

HelloFresh hoisin burger

You know what’s gross? In 2016, Australian households spent $666 billion* on groceries. That’s a lot of food, majority of which you can almost back in either turned out badly (people can’t cook), went to waste (people are gluttonous) or just went off (people forget what they buy).

By now you would’ve heard of HelloFresh? The Berlin-based, global food home delivery service that does everything for you aside from cook and put the meal in your mouth?

They’ve commanded a large 36% of the American market – you can probably assume it’s even bigger in Oz – and it’s totally not surprising why.

The food they send you to cook, from one of their charmingly tailored subscription plans, can, provided you’re not blind and daft in a kitchen, turn out looking like this:

Chermoula chicken

That’s chermoula and yoghurt chicken with rice. And do you know how long it took to cook? 20 minutes. And it lasted two meals. One meal from HelloFresh alone, has the power to convince hordes of Australian subscribers that it’s worth the relatively equal cost per week to heading to the supermarket yourself. Difference being; you don’t have to.

By working with step-by-step recipes and pre-portioned fresh ingredients, HelloFresh meal kits provide Aussies with a convenient and stress-free solution for weeknight dinners. You have the flexibility to choose 3, 4 or 5 meals a week and they can swap recipes to cater for vegetarians, flexitarians and fussy eaters.

According to HelloFresh, 52% of Aussies prefer the vibe of a home-cooked meal versus occasionally poorly prepared and even more poorly served dishes in overpriced Instagram restaurants that offer no substance and pretty pictures. Understandable.

And in an age where the food home delivery market is saturated with the likes of Marley Spoon, 5.4, Pepper Leaf and many others, it’s hard to compete, but HelloFresh does it damn well.

Their menus and food are a curated menu of delicious and nutritious recipes that are sent right to you, with all the hard thinking done for you, too. Every recipe goes through a triple testing process, so you can’t possibly balls it up.

Give it a shot and check it out at the website (linked earlier). Prices start from 4 people / 3 meals per week – $9.16 per serving.

HelloFresh chicken

Good to know

Yes, they delivery in cardboard boxes. Yes, these can be recycled. Yes, they keep their meat free in insulated bags, but they’re made of recyclable corn starch. Check with your council to see if they recycle those materials.