What to see at Somerset House London: Get Up, Stand Up Now

Somerset House Get Up

Celebrating generations of Black Creative Pioneers, the new exhibition at Somerset House, right in the heart of London, will put on a showcase of art, film and photography.

There’ll be 100 artists represented, whose work will be presented to articulate and address the black experience and sensibility from the post-war era to the present day.

The whole collection will showcase works and new commissions alongside items from personal archives, much of which has never been seen before.

The whole thing has been curated by acclaimed artist Zak OvĂ©, who’s invited each artist to exhibit on account of their significant contribution to shaping the cultural landscape. 

You’ll see works from the likes of Zak and Horace Ove, Armet Francis, Charlie Phillips, Sonia Boyce and Steve McQueen and many more.

See more of what’s on at the Somerset House website.