What is a Hamptons style house?

Hamptons house USA

The Hamptons style is all about easy living, plenty of entertainment space and an abundance of natural light to bring the outdoors indoors. We’re talking houses showered in light thanks to large windows. Resort vibes in living spaces for those who want a bit of luxury at home. And a hint of an oasis in every bedroom.

Learn everything you need to know about creating a Hamptons-style home in Australia.

A Brief History of the Hamptons

Naturally, the Hamptons style house originated in the Hamptons. Notable for its upmarket seaside appeal, the trademark style revolves around two architectural pillars: warmth and sophistication.

Regularly found near coastal areas, Hamptons style houses have become a popular style due to their connection with the coastal suburbs of New York’s Long Island. Designed to match the rural and beachy feel of this Northeastern US holiday destination, it’s no wonder it’s become a popular choice for Sydney’s beach suburbs, also located on the east coast.

There are many parallels between traditional Australian farmhouses and acreage estates, with both house styles sharing many characteristics and architectural attributes.

But how did this seaside resort become synonymous with summer vacations and beachside architecture?

Starting in the village of Southampton, the previously agriculture and fishing devoted community quickly transitioned to artisans and artistic professionals, giving rise to a thriving arts community with artists such as Jackson Pollock, Lee Krasner, and Willem de Kooning called the Hamptons home.

Marked by an article in The New York Times in 1893, the Hamptons were labelled “as close an approach to Eden as can be”.

“Well-bred men and women find a congenial atmosphere, refined attractions in plenty, and innumerable charms about these quaint old villages.”

Positioned 80 miles (128.748km) east of New York City, Westhampton, where the Hamptons begin, is only a two-and-a-half-hour drive, making it convenient for locals in the Big Apple. Long Island is also home to many celebrities and vacation homes.

Much like travelling to the Central Coast, Port Stephens or Kiama, if you’re a fan of surfing, Ditch Plains in Montauk is the place to be.

In the 21st century, residential real estate prices in the Hamptons rank among the highest in the US, with Meadow Lane in Southampton Village sometimes referred to as “Billionaire’s Lane”. For example, between 2011 and 2012, the median sale price for these waterfront homes was a whopping US$17.6 million.

However, according to Tim Davis and The Financial Times, home prices across the Hamptons fell 19.3 per cent in the first quarter, while the median sale price of a single-family home was only US$860,000.

Thankfully, you don’t need to shell out quite as much to create a Hamptons style house in Australia.

What is a Hamptons Style House?

In short, the Hampton style house look is based on a lifestyle enjoyed by New York’s social elite who live along Eastern Long Island’s south fork. Considered a summer playground for the wealthy, houses in the Hamptons reflect the chic, coastal and luxurious lifestyle that these affluent individuals have come to expect.

However, despite its price tag and upper-class sophistication, the Hamptons style house remains casual and relaxed. Lovers of crisp whites, pale blues or navy with some soft grey will automatically be drawn to the Hamptons style house. Colour is used with the sole purpose of bringing your interiors to life, taking inspiration from nature and its traditionally rural setting, to nail your Hamptons style house, you’ll need a few additions, inside and out.

Weatherboard exterior

As the name suggests, weatherboard exteriors are designed to withstand coastal environments. Protecting your home from wind, water, sand and everything else the coast may throw at you, the weatherboard is integral to a Hamptons style exterior in Australia.

The coastal Hamptons style exterior is all about the contrast between light and dark.

Although traditional Hampton’s exteriors feature an all-white facade contrasted with darker trimmings, more modern Hamptons style homes opt for charcoal and dark grey cladding with white trim.

This inverse design is a popular option for the Australian Hamptons style facade.

Light-filled living spaces

As we move from the front of the house and its curb appeal, we turn our attention to creating light-filled living spaces for the whole family. The goal is to be open-plan and spacious, but working with natural light is integral. You’ll need to consider which side of your Hamptons style house will get the most sunlight during the morning and afternoon. Remember, the idea is to blur the line between indoors and outdoors.

indoor-outdoor living

Bifold doors are a Hamptons style house’s best friend. Creating a seamless transition point from your light-filled living spaces to your outdoor alfresco entertainment area, they are easy to operate. And even when they’re closed shut, you’ll have plenty of natural light streaming into your open plan living room.

Big island kitchen

If you’ve always wanted a kitchen island, then the Hamptons style house is where you’ll find it. These freestanding cabinets are fantastic for storing extra kitchen utensils, adding additional seating, or installing more kitchen appliances like a dishwasher. And to top it all off, Lantern-style pendant lighting above the island for a warmer, more inviting space for the whole family.

Don’t forget to include shaker-style cabinetry and open-shelving to match your interiors, displaying your favourite utensils and aesthetically pleasing crockery.

Coastal and country colour combinations

With a contrast of light and dark outside, a combination of neutral and coastal colours will add even more to your light-filled living spaces. Focus on muted whites, creams, linen tones and greys before including blues, greens and shades of orange for dynamic contrast throughout the day. Just be sure not to go too overboard with the coastal theme. Use earthy tones for an added touch of country to your Hamptons style home.

Colours like white and navy blue will undoubtedly evoke the boating lifestyle of Long Island, while pale greys, blues and creams will bring balance to your maritime interiors. To make your home a coastal poster child, neutrals, such as white and cream, will represent the sand, while blues invoke the ocean in all shades, from duck egg blue to teal and navy. A splash of coral tones can also improve the atmosphere if your colour palette begins leaning toward bland.

Hamptons Homes Designed In Sydney

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Whether you’re in Wollondilly, the Hawkesbury, or anywhere in between, we’ll help you create a home that suits your idea of luxury coastal living in Sydney.