What are the 6 storage boxes for utes you can install?

Ute pickup truck car

Adventurers, contractors, campers, and many others who own utes, know how great it is to own such a vehicle. These vehicles are highly versatile and capable of much more than ordinary city cars. This is why all these categories of people love them and use them frequently.

Whether you’re planning a camping trip, getting ready for the next contractor task, or you’re about to spend a week in the wilderness, your ute must be fully equipped with all the items needed for getting the job done properly. For that, you need a storage box installed on it.

There are different types of storage boxes. Depending on your needs, you might choose one of the following six options. If you want to know which one might be the best for you, keep reading and learn what type of toolbox will be the most suitable, and why to choose that particular one.

1. Aluminium Toolboxes

Aluminium toolboxes are the best solution for your ute. There are multiple reasons for this statement, but if you compare them with everything else, you’ll see that these items are by far the best option.

Aluminium is a type of material that is lightweight, but durable. The only other that is even more lightweight than aluminium is titanium, but this one comes at a much higher price. If you’re looking for a toolbox, aluminium is the best option because it won’t add weight to your vehicle, and is one of the most affordable options out there.

On top of this, aluminium is durable and strong. It will keep everything inside protected from the weather and thieves. If you use a proper lock, there’s no chance for anyone to break inside. Aluminium storage boxes for utes are nearly indestructible, so they are the most commonly chosen option by users.

2. Steel Toolboxes

Steel toolboxes are a more traditional solution than aluminium ones. Steel has been used for decades, not only for keeping tools in utes but anywhere else too. Many people still prefer this option, because they are used to the steel toolboxes, which are robust, heavy, and unbreakable.

On top of this, steel is an affordable solution, but being so heavy, you’ll pay an even higher price when you compare how much gas you’ll spend on your trips for carrying so much more weight. Also, steel tends to rust over time, especially if it is exposed to water. Being a toolbox, it will face rain and snow constantly.

3. Plastic Toolboxes

Plastic toolboxes are the most lightweight option of all, but it’s not the most suitable for installing on your ute. Even though there are types of plastic more durable than others, it is still something you can cut through with a sharp-enough knife.

Plastic is also the most affordable option, but being unsafe, both from weather conditions and thieves, it’s not recommended, unless you plan to take the toolbox wherever you go, so you can find shelter for it when it is needed. If you want a permanent solution, check out the previous two options.

4. Drawer-filled Toolboxes

Some people will need a toolbox that provides a lot of open space where they can fit machines, equipment, or sleeping items, while others will need a place to fit small tools, utensils, or something similar.

If you’re more of the second type, you might want to think about installing drawer systems inside the toolbox of choice. The bigger item can be custom designed and developed, so you can have enough room for anything you need at the job or while camping. These systems will keep everything neatly arranged, and you’ll always know where things are located.

5. Canopies

Canopies are just like standard toolboxes, but have wide openings on one or more sides. While classic toolboxes usually have the top lid opening, canopies provide much better access and protection for the items you plan to carry inside them.

These toolboxes are made in different sizes and can fit the entire rear tray if wanted. Users can store many things inside them – from drawer systems to power generator holders to open areas for bigger items. Canopies come in various materials, too, so choose wisely.

6. Undertray Toolboxes

When you own a ute, you know there’s room to fit almost anything. However, there’s always one more thing that you’re missing and need to pack, but there’s no place for it. An undertray toolbox provides storage space for smaller items that you want quick and easy access.

There’s always so much empty and unused space under the tray. When you add undertray toolboxes there, you can say that you’ve used 100% of the capacity of your vehicle. These toolboxes are perfect for travellers, contractors, and campers because they provide easy access to the most significant items.