‘WHAT A FEELING’ World Premiere at BFI FLARE

What a feeling women dancing

The World Premiere of WHAT A FEELING by Kat Rohrer is set to debut at the BFI Flare, London’s LGBTQIA+ Film Festival, on March 15, 2024. WHAT A FEELING marks Kat Rohrer’s first entry into fiction features, weaving a tale of love across cultural divides and societal expectations. This romantic comedy shines a spotlight on two middle-aged women, Marie Theres (Caroline Peters) and Fa (Proschat Madani), who boldly step out of societal margins to claim their space in a world ripe with possibilities.

Supported by the Austrian Film Institute, the film boasts a stellar cast including Nicole Ansari-Cox, Barbara Spitz, Anton Noori, Gohar Nurbachsch, Allegra Tinnefeld, Heikko Deutschmann, Rafael Haider, Petra Morzé, Joseph Lorenz, Ines Kratzmueller, Adriane Gradziel, and many others. The storyline captivates from the start, with Marie Theres, a dedicated doctor gearing up for her 20th wedding anniversary, only to have her world turned upside down by her husband Alexander’s (Heikko Deutschmann) confession, leading to a fateful encounter with Fa at Bigi’s (Barbara Spitz) queer bar.

Fa, with her carefree, spontaneous nature and openness about her love life, is starkly different from the more reserved Marie Theres. Despite the initial mismatch, an unexpected and complicated romance blossoms between them. Their story is a testament to the unpredictable, often winding paths love takes, reminding us that finding one’s place and person in the world can defy norms and expectations.

WHAT A FEELING is set to be released in theaters across Austria on April 19, 2024, promising audiences a heartwarming, thought-provoking film that celebrates love in its many forms.


15th March,  8.25 pm at NFT2

19th March, 5.50pm at  NFT2