Ways to ensure safety and security in the workplace

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Your organization needs to offer your employees and clients a safe place; your office needs to be safe from any security threats, violence and injuries of any kind. As an employer, you need to make sure safety is always your top priority, no one wants to work in a place where they don’t feel safe, and your customers also don’t enjoy walking into an office and start to worry if they are safe. There are things you need to put in place so that you can make your workplace safe, and they are;

  1. Follow federal and provincial regulations

Once you have the license to open up your business, make sure you follow the federal and provincial regulations in your area to make sure your office place is safe. Some things that need to be part of your safety plan are first aid kits, having trained guards that will watch over the whole area and having emergency plans. When you feel like you haven’t consumed everything, you could go to the federal government website and see the regulations you need to implement. For your guards, you could impose uniform solutions for them to be safe while guarding the area and be safe in case a hazard occurs. 

  1. Install CCTV cameras, panic buttons and fire detection equipment 

One of the most common ways to make sure you and your employees are safe is by installing CCTV cameras in your office area, both inside the office and outside the office. Make sure you install equipped CCTV cameras that will make sure you see everything from your laptop. You will be able to monitor who is going in and going out, and you will see what your employees are doing. It would help if you also had a security alert system so that in case of any breach, the alarm will ring, and the police will be notified. 

  1. Train your employees 

Training your employees on how to use the safety devices and equipment from places like STOREMASTA that you have put in your workplace is essential since they are the ones who spend most of the time in the office working. You could make your team involved in the planning procedure to know what is being installed and be taught how to use each device and piece of equipment. Moreover, you could ask them to give you feedback on whether the devices being installed will safeguard your workplace or not. This is an excellent way to make your employees feel like their opinions matter. 

  1. Survey all departure and access points annually

When there are places that need to be rectified, like broken elevators, unattended fireplaces, and open areas can give thieves the chance to maneuver in your workplace without anyone noticing. You should make sure you check all the departure and access points annually so that you can make sure they are secure and no one can come in.  


Safety in your workplace is very crucial and as an employee, you need to search for all the means possible to make sure your employees are working in a safe and secure environment.