Ways to get healthier as a family

Rafting family

For many families, there is a growing health crisis, and it applies to the adults just as much as the children. In the past, it could have been one member of the family who was struggling with weight and health issues and the rest of the family would try to be supportive. In 2022, however, the problem seems to be more that everyone in the family is experiencing health challenges.

Both kids and adults are living more sedentary lives than ever. The food they’re eating is more packed with sugar and other additives than ever. The family is less active and suffering from more mental health challenges than ever. There has never been a better time to take active steps to improve health as whole, united family units.

Here are some ways you can get started:

1. Change the Family’s Relationship with Food

To start, many health issues in kids and parents are rooted in an increasingly toxic relationship that they have with food in general. That’s the first and frequently most beneficial thing you can change as a family.

Start by taking time to find a weekend farmers market near your place, and plan regular visits. Teaching your kids about produce, where it comes from, how to choose good produce, and then how to convert that into delicious, nutritious food is one of the most valuable educational experiences you can give them.

Cook as a family, or take it in turns to make different dishes or meals at home. Nurturing an appreciation for this kind of food will help your kids live better when they eventually leave home to live on their own.

2. Take Steps to Curb Screen Time

The other big enemy of family health in 2022 is another toxic relationship we have, this time with the screens in our lives. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, and the good-old television are objects that continue to dominate our lives, and mostly in a negative way. There’s no escaping the fact that you and your family do increasingly need screens to operate. Kids need them for school, you need them for work, it’s understandable, but we’re not advocating for cold turkey here.

Since we have to be attached to screens for so much time in our everyday lives, families should take more direct steps to find alternatives to screens and pull everyone away from them for as long as possible each day. Some steps are simple, like no screens at the dining table, for instance, and no screens allowed even when you’re eating out as a family. You can also make time to take the family out for hikes, sports, swimming, and other activities where screens are a hindrance, if anything.

3. Tackle Mental Health Problems

Any member of the family might be experiencing mental health problems at any given time, young or old. Kids get bullied at school, parents get stressed with work and personal finances, and so it goes on. Working as a family to address mental health problems and taking steps to support one another and talk about what we’re feeling will all add up to a healthier family life overall.

4. Build a Solid Weekly Routine

Finally, something that will contribute to everyone’s physical and mental health is a strong and recognisable weekly routine. When the family runs on regular bedtimes, regular square meals, planned activity and family time and so forth, the entire family draws strength and reassurance from it. The structure and order it gives can be just what everyone needs to feel better and live their best life.