Visit the Hunter Valley: top things to do


The Hunter Valley, also known as the Hunter Region, is a big tourist attraction in New South Wales. Being located near the State capital, it’s perfect for Sydney-born individuals and all sorts of visitors, as it provides both one-day trips and multi-day experiences. If you too will find yourself in this area rather soon, here are a few things you should not overlook.

Try some delicious food

First and foremost, you want to check out the local food as it’s literal heaven for foodies. You will get to try all sorts of foods like grapes, olives, cheeses, chocolates, chutneys, honey, and aromatic oils. As there are many acclaimed restaurants in the area, you will not lack options. For breakfast, visit Café Enzo or Myrtle & Stone. You can have lunch at Muse Kitchen or éRemo Restaurant. For dinner, consider Hunters Quarter or EXP. If you’ll be there for a few days, why try them all? While there, you might also be interested in taking cooking classes. There are a few places to choose from, such as Majors Lane Cooking School and Hunter Valley Cooking School.

Taste amazing wines

In addition to delicious dishes, you will also be able to try some amazing wines. You’re probably aware that Hunter Valley is famous for being home to many wineries. Luckily, most of them allow visitors and are delighted to show them how the wine is made. In some, you can even try grape stomping to see how wine used to be made before heavy machinery was introduced. In addition to family-friendly wine tastings, you can also go on a picnic in a vineyard and enjoy the gorgeous views.

Relax in a local spa

Relaxation comes in many shapes and forms. While it includes wine tasting for some, for others, it’s literally taking place in a spa. If you belong to the latter group, you’ll be glad to hear that there are some nice places that you can visit and completely recharge your batteries. For example, you can find treatments with local products that will pamper you to perfection. From Château Élan Day Spa to the spa at the Elysia Wellness Retreat all the way to Ubika Spa, you’re sure to be rejuvenated with the help of some professionals.

Take a look from above

If you’d like to see this breathtaking region from above, you’re in luck as there are several ways to do it. For one, you can hop aboard a hot air balloon and watch the area get filled with sunlight during sunrise. This is a very romantic activity you can consider doing with your partner – and the perfect ambiance to pop the question if you’ve been thinking about it. On the other hand, you can also go on a helicopter ride or try skydiving.

Find the best accommodation

In case you plan on staying in the region for a few days, finding quality accommodation is key. Of course, where you will look for the Hunter Valley accommodation, depends on your needs. From one-bedroom cottages to four-bedroom manors, it will all depend on how many people you need to accommodate and the other sights you want to see while there. From breathtaking vistas to pools, there are countless options and amenities to consider.

Learn more about local history

By visiting the village of Wollombi, you will get to learn a lot about the history of the region. Surrounded by mountains and full of 19th-century sandstone cottages, this town is a popular rest stop for travelers that plan on conquering the Great North Road. Pick up a map at the museum and go on the Historic Wollombi Village Walk. During the one kilometer, you will see the interesting history of this place, including colonial days and Aboriginal heritage. There are cozy cafés and guesthouses that you will also enjoy if you decide to spend a bit more time here.

Explore the Hunter Valley Gardens

Hunter Valley Gardens has to find its place in your itinerary if you’re a plant lover. When in Pokolbin, make sure to go through these gardens that span more than 60 acres. Some of the gardens include the Oriental Garden, the Rose Garden, and the Italian Grotto. Leave yourself at least two hours to explore it all, especially because there is also a lake and waterfall.

Interact with the local animals

Animal lovers shouldn’t overlook the opportunity to interact with the local animals in the Hunter Valley Zoo. No matter if you’re traveling on your own or with kids, you will certainly enjoy a visit to this place. You can hand-feed kangaroos, pat koalas, spot monkeys and marmosets, and explore the aviary full of feathered beauties. Other animals to see include cheetahs, white lions, and ring-tailed lemurs. You can also have a picnic here and free BBQ facilities are available too.

Visit the Hunter Valley markets

When in Hunter Valley, you have to visit the local markets as well. You can find everything from arts and crafts to artisan foods at Handmade in the Hunter Markets, which is held every second and fourth Saturday in Pokolbin. For the best coffee, go to Broke Village Markets on the first Sunday of the month at Stewart McTaggart Park in Broke. Wollombi Village Market and Singleton Sunday Markets are also remarkable.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. In addition to these nine essentials, you should also visit the Maitland Regional Art Gallery, give sightseeing on horseback a try, take a stroll along the Bathers Way in Newcastle, or go hiking. The options are truly endless, so make sure to set aside a few days and explore as much as you can.