Unveiling the Supernatural: A Journey Through Memphis’s Haunted Heritage

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Memphis, an enchanting city steeped in history, transforms into an alluring spectacle of spooks and thrills when the calendar flips to Halloween. With its enthralling haunted sites, abundant pumpkin patches, and child-friendly spooky events, Memphis has earned the title of one of ‘The Most Hauntingly Beautiful Cities in the United States’ by Fodor’s Travel.

It comes as no surprise that a city deeply rooted in history, like Memphis, houses some intriguingly haunted locations. Earnestine & Hazel’s, a former brothel now a popular dive bar, is renowned as one of the most haunted structures of the city, and has been named by Yelp as the 4th most haunted spot in the USA. The bar is believed to be inhabited by several ghosts and is home to a haunted jukebox known to spontaneously play music with uncanny relevance to happenings in the bar.

Memphis also boasts of other spine-chilling locations for the brave-hearted such as The Orpheum theatre – haunted by the ghost of “Mary” since 1921; the Victorian-era manor, Woodruff-Fontaine House, which houses numerous known apparitions; and Blackwell House that is believed to be haunted by a family who died shortly after moving in.

For those who prefer exploring the city’s ghostly heritage in a group, Backbeat Tours provides an array of ghost tours through South Main Historic District, the city’s most haunted neighbourhood. The tours cover infamous locations like Ernestine & Hazels’, Morris Cemetery, and Woodruff-Fontaine House, with some tours offering after-hour access for ghost hunting.

Memphis’s HauntedWeb is a popular option for those who prefer a controlled scary experience. With four spook-filled haunted houses and three escape rooms, including the newly added ‘The Residence’, it offers a thrilling experience.

The city ensures that Halloween is enjoyable for all ages. The Memphis Zoo’s annual Zoo Boo provides child-friendly Halloween activities, and Priddy Farms and Jones Orchard offer pumpkin picking and interactive farm activities. For the adults, there’s the Monster Market, a pop-up event featuring over 70+ artists, designers, and creators.

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