Troubleshooting 101: electric scooter overheats or catches fire

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It was all over the news months ago. Electric scooter fires suddenly breaking out, right on the streets. It can be alarming, and they do cause people to panic, wrecking havoc on peace of mind and thwarting one’s routine. The fear for one’s safety is real. 

But the incidents themselves that are mentioned can be considered unexpected and unusual, and while they tend to happen, are caused by, and occur under certain circumstances that are preventable.

The news of electric scooters overheating has been a lingering concern, where, at the back of the riders’ minds, it may happen, even in mid-winter – perhaps, due to manufacturer’s defects or serious maintenance and storage problems.


Why do electric scooters overheat and what causes them to overheat ?


Let’s look at the number of reasons why an e-scooter can overheat, and what you, as the owner and rider can do to prevent it from happening before it explodes, or results in a fire. 

• overcharging the battery

• riding on steep hills for extended periods of time

• riding in hot weather

• motor housing that overheats and transmits heat to other parts of the e-scooter


How to prevent the electric scooter from overheating?


To prevent your electric scooter from overheating, remember to DO the following:


1. Ride when the weather is cooler, or during the cooler times of the day — in summer or spring. 


2. If you must ride in hot weather, take frequent breaks so as to allow the scooter to cool down in the shade.


3. Avoid riding an electric scooter up steep inclines for extended periods of time.


4. Don’t attempt to ride on your e-scooter if the e-scooter’s motor isn’t rated for steep climbs.


5. Don’t leave your electric scooter under direct sunlight or inside a hot car. 


6. Store the e-scooter in a cool, dry place where the battery and electrical system can properly dissipate and cool down any built-up heat.


7. Do ensure that your scooter is charging in a cool place or area that is far from chemicals;

and never in a cramped space.


8. Check the e-scooter battery regularly, (at least every week) to avoid and prevent 

any untoward possibility of it overheating 


What to do — if your electric scooter overheats:


1. Inspect the motor thoroughly, as it runs through the entire electric scooter and this is typically where you’ll discover and learn where the problem lies. 


2. To check the battery and charger use a multimeter to test the battery 


3. Check the fuse or circuit breaker (it’s in the e-scooter manual), as overloading or excessive heating can be the cause of fuses burning out often. 

How to prevent your electric scooter from overheating and catching fire:

Unknown to many, most battery fires occur in warehouses that store dozens, even hundreds of rental scooters, or apartments and restaurants where many electric scooters and bikes are left charging together, sometimes overnight or with the wrong chargers or batteries. This is bad practice and is absolutely NOT recommended — ever.

Just to be clear, one of the major causes of fires in electric scooters is overcharging. Here’s 


What you MUST NOT forget to do:


1. Use the correct charger which is indicated in the manual of your e-scooter.


2. Don’t scrounge and buy cheap, fake batteries – because they never fit and do not work properly, and can even be the cause of fire or explosion.


3. Don’t leave your e-scooter battery on the socket unattended


4. Avoid overcharging your battery.


5. The electrical system needs to be maintained, replaced and tested regularly.


6. Replace the battery and the electrical system promptly after a maintenance check confirms the need to do so. 


7. When in doubt, seek the help of a qualified technician immediately, to determine if your electric scooter is at risk of a battery fire.


What you MUST DO in case your e-scooter catches fire:


1. If you notice that your e-scooter overheats and is at risk of a battery fire, keep calm and get away from it as far as you can.


2. Seek technical support. Call a qualified and accredited/licensed and emergency services immediately and tell them about the emergency situation.

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The moral here is that investing in a trusted brand of high-quality electric scooter, being mindful of and consistent in regularly maintaining your e-scooter, do being about that valuable peace of mind, riding safely on your e-scooter, enjoying the fresh air and the scenery, worry-free.