The best beach in Perth: Travellers’ guide to Perth’s best beaches


Perth is home to some of the best beaches in the world, which explains why it is a major tourist destination that draws millions of domestic and international visitors each year. Of all the major cities in Australia, Perth has the highest number of sunny days, providing the perfect weather to take a quick dip and cool off at the beach. With a great number of beach destinations in Perth, some of them have not been named yet, and remain secret gems that are waiting to be explored.

Here, we’ve teamed up with our friends from Be. Fremantle to cover some of the glorious beaches in Perth that are worth visiting over and over again:

Scarborough Beach

Scarborough beach Perth

Located just 20 minutes from Perth City, there is no excuse not to visit Scarborough Beach. The shore is lined with restaurants, apartments, surf shops, and ice cream kiosks so there is definitely a vibrant hub of activity to enjoy. The long stretch of gleaming sand makes it the ideal place for sunbathing or for basking in the beauty of the pristine waters. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the activities you can do in Scarborough Beach – you can go surfing, fly a kite, and even have a picnic on the grassed areas. A new addition to the Scarborough Beach landscape is the Scarborough Beach Pool that looks out onto the West Australian coast. The facility has a geothermally heated pool, and a leisure pool for people who want to take swimming lessons. A highlight feature of Scarborough Beach is the outdoor amphitheater where live entertainments are hosted during the summer.

Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach

This is another major beach destination that boasts of clear turquoise water, and more than a kilometre of white sand. It is located between the port of Fremantle and Perth CBD, and can be accessed easily through public transportation.

Cottesloe Beach is divided into three sections. The main beach, which is great for lounging around, swimming, and enjoying beach activities, the northern part that is known as an ideal snorkelling spot to see the best of Australia’s abundant marine life, and the southern section of the beach that has the perfect waves for surfing.

Across the road from Cottesloe, you will find pubs, a cafe strip, and restaurants where you can dine in after a morning swim. Whether you are visiting to witness the sun set, or you want to enjoy different beach activities, Cottesloe is a must-visit especially from October to April when the sunny weather is uninterrupted by rain.

Trigg Beach

Trigg Beach

Situated approximately 14km from Perth, Trigg Beach is a beautiful, rock-free beach that is frequented by both locals and tourists. It is also a popular attraction for surfers, as it has waves that suit different levels of surfing proficiency. The section near Trigg Island has powerful waves that are enjoyed by many advanced surfers, while the rest of the beach allows surfers of all ages and skill levels to execute their style moves. Bring the kids with you, and explore the beachside park that has a nice playground where kids can play and run around.

Sandtrax Beach

Sandtrax Beach

Sandtrax Beach has far fewer people compared with other beach destinations in Perth. Because it is nestled to the north of Fremantle, it is sheltered from south-westerly winds, so you can walk along the beach and swim on the water at any time of the day without worrying about the strong wind gust.

Bathers Beach

Bathers beach

This 300 metre beach is considered a hidden gym by the locals.  It has a secluded feel to it, and has small waves and soft sand that are almost therapeutic to walk on. When visiting this area, don’t limit yourself to the beach, but explore the cultural and historic places nearby, or check out the food and drink at Bathers Beach House.