Travel well and hang your stuff anywhere: The dream’s realised

Coat hang 1

Remember when those bag hook things that attach themselves to tables at cafes and restaurants so people can hang their designer handbags off the ground, first came out?


Well, brace yourself for it again, only this time, it is – and looks less – ridiculous.

Say ‘hello’ to the COAT; a slick gadget that allows you to have complete freedom to hang your coat, suit jacket or handbag anywhere, at any time. Garments are kept safe, crease-free and ready for wear while travelling, getting around and going out. 

For a country of folks who travel a lot – 2.2 million Australians a year, according to 2017 stats – this is a lifesaver for your peace of mind and general style vibes.

Get yourself well hung asap, here at their website.

Coat 1