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Travel trends of the future

Many analytical agencies constantly make forecasts for the future – they determine what the exchange rate will be, how the economy will develop, and what technical innovations will be put into operation. And the travel news agency Skift has made a similar analytical forecast for the tourism industry and identified a list of trends for the next five years. In this review, we will find out how the tourism industry will change in the next few years.

Trips up to 100 miles

According to experts, even though the pandemic has almost ended, the consequences of it will be felt for many more years. Because long-distance travel is still subject to sanitary regulations and various restrictions imposed by governments, international organizations, and transport companies, local tourism will continue to be popular over the next five years.

More people than before will choose to travel short distances (up to 100 miles / 160 km). For example, you can go to the nearest sea coast, to places of rural and nature tourism, as well as to the nearest cultural attractions.

This trend is influenced not only by the pandemic but also by political instability in the world. In addition, protest environmental sentiments are now actively spread, which are directed against aviation, and citizens of different countries are striving to support local businesses as much as possible after several difficult years.

The return of the popularity of long-distance travel

Of course, no matter what problems arise in the world, experts do not expect a complete abolition of long-distance travel. The first cities where international tourists will flock after the removal of all restrictions will be the most popular world capitals – Paris, Milan, and London. Later growth will also affect many exotic destinations – for example, the Maldives and South Africa.

In addition, experts believe that long-distance travel will become longer. A trend of slow, thoughtful, and eco-friendly travel is expected. If you will have to wait a long time between flights – you may always spend your time with fun – use your Woo Casino login to get a free bet. 

At the same time, traveling will become more convenient, as many online services will become more popular. It is expected that tourists in the future will be able to make electronic visas using recognition technologies. Therefore, the preparation for the trip will become much easier.

Asia will become the main supplier of foreign tourists

Long-distance travel is still expected to be difficult in the next few years, but by 2025 the number of tourists traveling abroad will exceed pre-Covid levels. Interestingly, the majority of tourists, according to experts, will come from Asia. In addition, according to the forecasts of the China External Tourism Research Institute, the number of tourists from this country will increase several times in a few years. In 2019, the citizens of this state traveled abroad 170 million times, and in 2020 this figure fell to 18 million. In 2021, the number of tourists increased to 100 million, and by the end of 2022, it will reach 180 million. A similar increase will be observed in other Asian countries: Japan, South Korea, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Thailand.

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