Topdogs get the goods – The new designer dog boutique for your bestie

Dog food bowl

Dogs are like people.

They’re happy sad, love cuddles and food and going for walks. Oh, and if you ask Australian entrepreneur Alex Dreise, they like nice things, too.

She has opened the Topdog Boutique to serve just that purpose, pumping out quality dog bits for the pup who has a style all their own.

My two favourite things in this world are dogs and design, but I ran into issues trying to purchase products for my dog Romeo from exotic locations. Iā€™d been dreaming about launching a site for discerning owners who are aesthetically and sustainably minded, and in March I finally took the leap,ā€ said Alex.

It’s an online destination for the dog lover and owner who wants something nicer than the run-of-the-mill.

Alex chooses things to stock that are as practical as they are aesthetically stunning, so creating a collection of some of the nicest canine products from Australia, Europe, the United States and Africa. From bespoke blankets and beds to hand- made bowls and bowties, Dreise has scoured the globe for the best of the best.

ā€œI always try and get a sample of the product and test it with Romeo (her own dog). It is not just about aesthetics, usability and enjoyment is paramount, and nothing makes it to the site unless it gets his two (non-opposable) thumbs up!ā€ she said.

From San Fran to Brooklyn, German to Australia, the products on hand are tested, quality produced and stocked for your enjoyment.

See the ful range and get your own stuff for pooch from the Topdog website.

Top dog bed