Top cocktails to make using Tia Maria

Tia Maria and cocktails on the bar while a bartender works behind

Aaaah, the 80’s. What a decade to celebrate. Not only was it famous for power suits, shoulder pads, big hair and awesome music like George Michael – it was also about this time the very first Espresso Martini recipe was created using Tia Maria. Yes, the Espresso Martini is over 40 years old – believe it or not – and still partying.

But since then, coffee lovers have enjoyed many variations of the coffee cocktail using Tia Maria as a base. The three most prominent elements of Tia Maria – the full bodied rich coffee; the fragrant Madagascar vanilla; and the Jamaican rum – make this sweet liqueur perfect on its own over ice; with a splash of milk (just like mum used to make), or combined with other ingredients to create extraordinarily delicious cocktails.

So to celebrate the ongoing coffee cocktail revolution, Tia Maria master blenders have come up with some mind-blowing creations that we recommend you try at home next time you plan to invite a few friends over. Problem is, they’ll probably keep coming back for more….so get grinding and enjoy!

The Dancy Tangerine

Dancy tangerine cocktail

30mls Tia Maria

45mls Grinders Coffee

30mls Cointreau

20mls Chocolate Syrup

Garnish – Dark chocolate shard with Orange zest shavings

Shard & Salt

Shard salt cocktail

30mls Tia Maria

30mls Vodka

30mls Grinders Coffee

20mls Pineapple and Salted Caramel Syrup

4 dashes Chocolate Bitters

Garnish – Salted Caramel Glass

The Aphrodite

Aphrodite cocktail

20mls Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

20mls Tia Maria

20mls Baileys

30mls Grinders Coffee

15mls Chambord

Garnish – Star anise and edible flowers

Cafe Breve

30mls Tia Maria

30mls Grinders Coffee

30mls Vodka

15mls Vanilla Syrup

Garnish – Marshmallow Foam and Chocolate Sprinkles