Top 9 gift ideas for girlfriends with eclectic taste

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It goes without saying that your girlfriend is amazing, she makes you happy, and you’d like to make her happy too. The only problem is that she’s impossible to gift for – you’ve found yourself in a limbo of gift ideas as you try and figure out this woman who is made up of many facets, yet with all of them seeming impossible now to pin down.

When someone’s tastes are so broad, the best gift for them are often those that they would never have even thought to get for themselves. And in truth, each process of gift-giving itself is unique, and you want your gift to be just as unique as the person you love. Here is a list of just a few unique gifts for her to help kickstart your own gift-giving process.

1. Wall tapestry

The perfect way to add colour, texture and impact to a space, wall tapestries have made a major comeback in artsy circles recently. You can find an ideal pattern by having a look at the colours she already surrounds herself with and the kind of art she tends to gravitate towards. For instance, if her home is designed with an array of bohemian decor, then chances are she’ll appreciate an Aztec-printed or Sub-Continental-inspired wall tapestry.

Gifting her a wall hanging that suits her taste is an excellent way for her to further bring her living space to life. Alongside this, your gifted wall hanging carries the added bonus of being a little reminder of you and your relationship with her that she can admire fondly if you’re ever apart.

2. A Vase

A vase is just one of those things that everyone seems to need, and yet almost no one goes out and buys one for themselves. That’s what makes it such a great gift idea! For an extra touch of personal flair, you could perhaps even have a go at making one yourself at a pottery class. 

If you’re not one for crafting, you can upcycle something from an op shop or even take out a loan to invest in one that’s properly fancy. Choose to gift the vase prepopulated with her favourite flowers to make this gift idea extra special.

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3. A board game, cards or a puzzle

Giving a gift that leads to a fun, shared experience or activity is always a good bet – especially if that activity is one that you can enjoy immediately. Board games and tabletop games have definitely come further and further back into vogue over recent years, as cult classics like Dungeons & Dragons have gained major exposure in film and television shows. 

That being said, your board game gift idea can easily just be a game that you can both play together, rather than a game that requires upwards of two people. Just ensure that the game you pick is one that will bring you both close together once all the dust has settled and not one that will instead be tearing you apart. We don’t want any more relationships lost to the likes of Uno or Monopoly!

4. A hot water bottle

This next one is a very practical gift idea, as it’s one that most women will be able to use on a daily basis. The hot water bottle also doesn’t have to be a gift that lacks personality, as nowadays you can find hot water bottles and heat packs in funky shapes, colours, and patterns. A cute, fluffy heat pack could be an excellent gift for your girlfriend and, once again, you’ll be able to customise your gift to suit her tastes by finding one in the shape of favourite animal, or any other design that may bring a smile to her face. 

5. Concert tickets

Concert tickets are a great gift for anyone as not only is it a shared activity, but it’s also a great opportunity to enjoy something that your girlfriend loves right alongside her, and perhaps even broaden your own musical tastes along the way too. Understanding what band or artist she would love to see live, not only shows how attentive you have been, but it may also prove to be the most fantastic surprise gift possible. 

If your girlfriend isn’t the concert-going type, then tickets more broadly are still a great gift – is there an exhibition she might like to see, a play, a sports game, or perhaps the ballet? And if she’s not one for crowds in any form, perhaps you could book the both of you in for another type of activity like a cooking class or dance lessons.

6. A collection of fancy teas

No girl can ever have too much tea. Whilst tea may seem ordinary and commonplace, knowing your partner’s favourite kinds of tea speaks to an understated level of intimacy that’s sure to make her feel warm and fuzzy inside.

You don’t necessarily have to just go out to your local supermarket and buy her favourite everyday tea off the shelf either. Consider seeking out fancier brews in order to give your girlfriend the gift of luxurious cups of tea on her weekend mornings for many weekends to come. Gifting her a collection of teas she may not have tried before is also a great idea, as it allows her to explore and expand her taste in tea over time – there’s nothing quite like a bit of variety on a lazy Sunday morning.

7. A reusable coffee cup

If your girlfriend is a big coffee drinker on the other hand, it might be worth gifting her a nice reusable coffee cup for her to use as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic-lined takeaway coffee cups, that are notoriously difficult to recycle. Look out for interesting designs that she might like that’ll allow her to wear her personality with her morning cup of coffee. 

Whilst ensuring the design pops is one factor, make sure to pay mind to finding a reusable cup that is practical and durable too. That way, you won’t have to worry about finding her another cup in a year’s time because her first one has cracked unexpectedly! 

8. A blanket

Blankets are another practical gift option that is sure to be appreciated in the colder weather. Once again, you can add a little bit of customisation to this gift idea by considering the design of the blanket and choosing a texture, colour, or fabric that you know will align with your girlfriend’s own tastes. You could even go the extra mile and have a custom design made, perhaps one that features a picture of her pet or a fun memory that you both share together.

9. A subscription box

If you like the idea of ‘the gift that keeps on giving’, a gift subscription box could be a great idea for events like valentines’ day.Our girlfriends deserve to be spoiled, and gifting is one way to express our love. If your girl is a classic lady who enjoys good wine, subscribing to wine and having it delivered to her each month could bring a smile to her face. If she is a perfume lover, signing up for a perfume subscription for her and getting her to decide on which perfume she adores to try out each month is another great way to keep her happy, and you won’t have to worry about tracking on the deliveries as it’s all scheduled.

And there you have it! Just a few gift ideas for that special woman in your life. Whilst this is of course, not a comprehensive list, hopefully there are some gift ideas present here that will help get your mind churning with your own unique ideas on what you can present to your girlfriend on her next birthday, your upcoming anniversary, or any other happy occasion where she deserves to be spoilt rotten.