The revolutionary electric scooter of the future

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In the realm of electric scooters, there exists a coveted gem that transcends mere transportation. The Mearth Cyber is not just an ordinary means of getting from point A to point B; it is a prized possession, a work of art, a masterpiece and a luxury ride. Just as luxury cars revolutionized the automotive industry, the Mearth Cyber, revolutionized the micromobility industry. Prepare to be captivated by its unparalleled craftsmanship and exceptional performance, as this masterpiece redefines the concept of urban mobility.


Welcoming an Unbeatable Launch Promo – Less $600 AUD!


The Mearth Cyber is by far Mearth Australia’s most advanced and intelligent electric scooter ever created and right now, Ride Hub Australia is thrilled to announce it is readily available at its store, which sets a new standard of excellence and sophistication in the world of top-notch, best electric scooters


The launch of this groundbreaking e-scooter with an exclusive special introductory offer of $3,499 AUD, saving a whopping $600 AUD off the recommended retail price of $4,299. This unbeatable offer allows you to be among the first to experience the future of electric scooters at an incredible value but only for a limited time. Packed with cutting-edge features and an unparalleled design, the Mearth Cyber is set to revolutionize the way we ride.


The Mearth Cyber: A Glimpse into the Future


Imagine riding an e-scooter that adapts to your every need, providing an unrivaled riding experience. With the Mearth Cyber, this dream becomes a reality. This remarkable electric scooter features an advanced program that monitors power output and torque, adjusting them in real-time for optimal performance. The Mearth Cyber ensures you’re always at the forefront of innovation.


Unleash the Power


The Mearth Cyber is engineered to withstand any challenge. Its heavy-duty construction, robust frame, and all-terrain capabilities make it a formidable companion on any adventure. Equipped with a rated 3200W brushless HUB Dual Motor, peaking at 4000W, this electric scooter delivers unmatched power and acceleration.


Technological Excellence


Built with state-of-the-art sine-wave controllers, the Mearth Cyber utilizes the most advanced technology available in the industry. These controllers seamlessly connect all electrical components, providing enhanced performance and efficiency.


Security at Your Command


With Anti-Theft Technology, the Mearth Cyber ensures that your powerful e-scooter is protected. You can set up a password, allowing it to start only on your command. This added security feature guarantees peace of mind when leaving your e-scooter unattended.


Unrivaled Stability and Comfort


Designed to conquer any surface, the Mearth Cyber comes equipped with front and rear suspensions. This intelligent suspension system ensures a smooth and stable ride, even on rough terrain. The 10″ pneumatic tires, made from highly resistant rubber, offer wear-resistant, non-slip, and shock-absorbing properties, providing a comfortable journey while preventing leaks and tire damage.


Fast and Efficient Charging


Say goodbye to long charging times. The Mearth Cyber features a built-in 60V 26Ah battery with 4A Fast Charge Technology. Charging from 30% to 80% takes just one hour when using two chargers simultaneously, or two hours with a single charger. Spend less time waiting and more time riding.


Master Every Challenge


The Mearth Cyber defies limits. With a maximum speed of 75 km/hr (defaulted to 25 km/hr in accordance with Australian laws), it offers thrilling acceleration. Its climbing grade of 70% ensures it can conquer even the steepest slopes. Plus, with a weight capacity of 180 kgs, it accommodates riders of various sizes.


Sleek Design, Enhanced Visibility


Crafted from the 6000 Series Aero-grade Aluminum Alloy, the Mearth Cyber exhibits a sleek matte black finish, guaranteeing you’ll arrive at your destination in style. The central color display adds a touch of sophistication to the e-scooter’s aesthetic.


In the age of cyber, lights take center stage. The Mearth Cyber shines with numerous bright lights, ensuring visibility and safety. Dual LED headlights brighten the path ahead, while the Mearth Cyber logo illuminates the stem and deck. Brake lights and turning lights enhance awareness, making your presence known on the road.


Safety First!


Ride Hub Australia and Mearth Cyber prioritize your safety above all else. It is crucial to remember that riding at high speeds comes with great responsibility. Always wear approved helmets and safety gear for maximum protection, ensuring a safe and enjoyable riding experience.


Warranty and Support


To demonstrate their confidence in the Mearth Cyber’s exceptional quality, Ride Hub Australia provides a two-year warranty on the e-scooter’s frame and a one-year warranty on the battery, motor, and controller. This comprehensive warranty coverage gives you peace of mind and reflects the trust they have in their product.


Embrace the Future Today!


Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to own the Mearth Cyber, the electric scooter that sets new standards for intelligent design, technological advancements, and unmatched performance. With its futuristic features and Ride Hub Australia’s limited-time promotional offer, you can now ride into the future at an irresistible price.


Visit Ride Hub Australia’s website or contact their customer service to secure your Mearth Cyber and embark on an extraordinary journey of innovation and excitement. Be a part of the e-scooter revolution and experience the unparalleled thrill of riding the smartest electric scooter ever created—the Mearth Cyber.