The pros and cons of combining a breast lift with implants

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Thanks to the advancements in surgical techniques, it’s not uncommon for patients to undergo dual procedures that help them achieve a more satisfying result. The breasts are one area of the body that many women are unhappy with, mainly because they go through so many changes. 

Ptosis, a.k.a sagging breast tissue, is probably the most common reason why women choose to receive implants or a breast lift. Ptosis generally occurs after pregnancy or excessive weight loss, causing the breast tissue to lose density. 

Developmental abnormalities are another reason why women choose to undergo breast surgery. Disproportionate or asymmetrical breasts can cause low self-esteem, particularly in intimate situations. Fortunately, there are ways to correct all of these issues. However, there are always risks with any kind of surgery, and if this is due to medical negligence then there are medical lawyers for breast surgery errors that can help you with a claim, should you need to go down the legal route.

Breast Surgery Options for Sagging & Abnormalities

When a patient chooses to address these issues at a clinic such as Form & Face clinic from Bondi Junction, they will be presented with two breast surgery options. Don’t forget, an additional option is always hiring medical lawyers for breast surgery errors.

A breast lift is the first option available to women who want to improve the appearance of their breasts. The procedure changes the position and shape of the areola and excess skin is removed in order to create a more aesthetically appealing appearance. 

The second option is to combine the lift with implants. Doing so will add more volume to the breasts, creating a more youthful appearance overall. If a patient chooses to go ahead with implants too, they will be able to choose from the following types:

  • Saline. While this implant isn’t as risky if it ruptures, it doesn’t produce a 100% natural result. On the plus side, there is minimal scarring with this type of implant.
  • Gummy bear. This particular implant is designed to retain its shape, regardless of whether it ruptures or not. 
  • Gel. Lastly, gel produces a very realistic result but it is more risky if it ruptures. 

A Breast Uplift with Implants: A Look at the Pros and Cons


  • The results of a combined procedure are generally more aesthetically pleasing
  • Women can once again wear clothing that makes them feel feminine 
  • Patients naturally experience a boost in confidence after improving the overall appearance of their breasts


  • A combined procedure generally results in additional scarring but this can be reduced with the help of the right surgeon
  • Undergoing two procedures as once requires longer time in surgery, which means a longer recovery period
  • A perfectly symmetrical result cannot be guaranteed, which is why having realistic expectations is so important
  • Choosing to insert implants during a breast lift means there’s an additional risk of complications such as capsular contracture after surgery
  • Implants will need to be replaced or removed later on in life

As with any type of surgery, combining a breast lift with augmentation does carry some risks. However, the vast majority of women are more than pleased with the results and are willing to go through additional recovery time to feel more confident again