The best bag to take on your upcoming European holiday

Man travelling backpack NYC New York street

If you’re planning a nice European holiday, you’re not the only one. But there are a lot of things to think about when you’re out and about, and one thing you won’t want to stress about is which bag should come along with you. The most popular option by far is a stylish crossbody bag for women. But if you want to stand out from the crowd and enjoy your holiday in style, a designer crossbody is a great idea, and this is why. 

It’s Safe

Security is important, especially when you’re outsmarting the most irritating thing in Europe: the pickpocket. To do this, you will want flap closures and a zipped pocket and you will want to stay away from things like backpacks and opt for something close to your body. 

This is why crossbody bags work so well. They stay attached to you and don’t dangle off your shoulder. You will want the zipper as close to your body as it can be, and you will want to cover the zipper with your hand as often as you can in crowds. 

It’s & Packable

Some bags are cute, but they aren’t made for travel, so you will want to choose a bag that is packable. This doesn’t mean the bag needs to be tiny, it just needs to be packable. This means you can either wear it on the plane or store something inside it and then place it into your checked bag. This is important as you need to be able to easily transport it from one place to another without overthinking it or sitting on your suitcase. 

Choose The Right Size

 Crossbody bags come in pretty much every size possible, and this is especially true in the designer scene, where you can even find things such as micro bags. These are essentially, really tiny fashion bags (they’re not really made to carry anything). This is not ideal. Instead, opt for something a little more useful for travelling. Consider all the things you will want to have with you on your travels, and then make sure to get a bag that fits all these things, and you’re ready to go. 

Choose Designer 

If you’re trying to stand out, make a statement and look stylish, you can’t do better than a designer crossbody bag from the World of LV. When you choose a unique and one-of-a-kind designer bag, you’re pretty much going around the world in style!