Ten more than extraordinary activities in Thessaloniki

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If you’re fed up with always being on the go in the city and staying on the beaten track, you’ll welcome our ranking of the ten most unconventional ways to have fun in Thessaloniki. Whether you’re just driven by curiosity or you’re a seasoned local who’s already seen all the city’s sights, we bet you’ll find our suggestions a great alternative way to spend your free time.

Just give it a try!

1. Discover the railway cemetery

The railway cemetery in Thessaloniki is a unique place where railway carriages can finally come to rest. Although Greece’s national railway company tried to sell the old sets by recycling them, these attempts failed miserably. And so they have now been standing, rusty and lonely, on the outskirts of the city for decades, attracting all kinds of adventurers to this sad but also romantic place.

The train cemetery is a little far from the city centre, but you can easily reach it by bus 51, 54 and 54A. All three lines depart from Thessaloniki’s main railway station.

2. Visit an old brothel

Now, we don’t encourage you to use brothel services literally, unless you can travel back in time. Instead, we invite you to marvel at all the remains and archaeological excavations of the ancient brothel that operated here 2000 years ago, and we think that’s even more exciting.

The brothel was connected to the public baths, which consisted of 25 bathtubs, a sweating room and heated pools. There was also a dining room on the first floor of the building, while the amusement rooms were located on the second floor.

Now, of course, the venue itself no longer exists, having been destroyed by fire centuries ago. However, you can still see an exhibition of savoury items found during the excavations.

The place is quite easy to find: The brothel is located in the ancient Agora Square in the middle of the city centre.

3. Find the abandoned Bogomil cemetery

Have you been inspired by the somewhat cryptic atmosphere of the railway cemetery and want more? Then go a little further and discover the medieval Bogomil cemetery near the village of Chalkidona. The place is full of strangely shaped stone crosses created in the Celtic style.

A little hint: Bogomilism was a religious sect that was most widespread in the Balkans in the 15th century.

The sect was named after a priest called Bogomil, whose main idea was that the material world was created by Satan rather than God.

The cemetery is located 30 kilometres outside the city. You will therefore need to take a bus or train to Chalkidona or drive there yourself.

4. Feel the mystical energy of Pasha’s gardens

The Gardens of Pasha are an unpopular park with many remnants of Ottoman buildings. Some say these half-ruined columns and walls once formed a Sufi temple of initiation, others believe the park was created by Sephardic Jews. Either way, the intricate ornamentation on the buildings and the lush greenery have helped the park retain its mystical energy over the centuries.

But the good news is that the park is not far from the city centre. You can take a nice walk there or take bus 24 to the Agios Dimitrios hospital bus stop.

5. Try American Roulette at the Regency Casino

Although Greece is quite a luxurious destination, there are not many casinos in Greece. There are about a dozen of them, with the most famous venues in Rhodes, Athens, Loutraki, and Thessaloniki. The Regency Casino in Saloniki is one of the largest among them, offering more than 900 slot machines and 80 tables for games such as roulette, blackjack, and poker.

The main highlight, however, is the American roulette, which is unusual for a casino based in Europe. There are 42 tables in the American layout compared to only six tables with the European version of this game. What a great chance to feel like you’re in Vegas!

But not just for one night. American roulette is a great one-off experience, but it is recommended not to play it in the long run as it offers a much lower payout percentage for the player than its European counterpart on the American layout.

And for those seeking an alternative gaming experience, why not explore amazing bonuses

at https://rateitcasino.com/casino-bonuses/? It’s a thrilling option that can add a Vegas-like vibe to your gaming adventures.

The Regency Casino is located very close to Thessaloniki Airport “Macedonia”, so you can use the X1 and N1 bus lines (at night). You just need to get off a little earlier.

6. Learn pop-up art in pop-up and paper stories

At this point, you’re probably tired of walking around looking for something new. So we offer you a break so you can have fun too. Visit Pop-Up and Paper Stories, an extraordinary print shop in Thessaloniki specialising in the creation of 3D folded pictures and books.

What’s special about this venue is that it also hosts seminars that introduce you to pop-up art. After receiving introductions to the knowledge of these artists, you can start creating beautiful pop-up graphics yourself.

7. Listen to the local techno at Tokyo City Bar

Thessaloniki has a vibrant nightlife, with the main action in the Ladadika district.

The city is home to some of the best clubs in the country, most of which invite popular DJs from the top echelons of the electronic scene. Despite the high quality of these professionals, they are far from exceptional. So if you want to go somewhere after dark for a more unusual experience, head to Tokyo City Bar.

Tokyo City Bar is primarily known for unconventional techno music produced by local DJs. Visitors praise the “Berlin” atmosphere, the breathtaking view from the rooftop and the unique ambience of the Greek subculture.

8. Try traditional sweets

This tip is more for foodies among the tourists, but we bet the locals won’t mind indulging in traditional Greek sweets too.

Baklava, bougatsa, diples, melomakarona biscuits and other things are waiting for you to try them.

In the city centre you will find many restaurants with an enormous selection of sweets and desserts. The most famous, however, is Trigona Elenidi, which is just a three-minute walk from the White Tower of Thessaloniki.

9. Visit the annual festivals

Festivals are not uncommon in Thessaloniki. There are more than a dozen different events throughout the year. Whether you’re interested in food, science, photography or something special like the accordion, you’re sure to find a festival that suits your fancy.

The most important festivals in Thessaloniki are the Thessaloniki International Fair, the Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Dimitria and the Reworks Music Festival.

10. Enjoy a performance at the Forest Theatre

The “Forest Theatre” aka “Theatro Dassous” is a traditional ancient theatre where classical Greece takes centre stage. In contrast to the typical European theatres of the later period, it is an open-air arena surrounded by stone seats for visitors. In addition to its historical value, the venue is also characterised by its spectacular view of the city.

Although the theatre is located in the forest of “Seich Sou”, which is not in the middle of the city (and on a hill to boot, so you’ll probably get tired climbing up), you can take bus 24 and get off at the nearby stop.