Tempus Two steps into gin territory with world first prosecco gin

WCP AVL22 Gin 006 scaled

If you thought Tempus Two was all about wines, well you’d be correct, but hold onto your hats because this iconic wine company is expanding its offering to include gin!

Continuing their creative thinking from wine making, Tempus Two are bringing that innovation to the gin space with their first release of three wine-based gins. The range captures the distinctive characteristics of each varietal by creating a wine spirit base using the latest spinning cone technology, before infusing the botanicals.

Tempus Two’s Chief Winemaker, Andrew Duff says: “The idea for our Tempus Two Gin range came from a desire to creatively harness the unique wine spirit that was extracted during the process used to make our low alcohol Lighten Up wines. We saw an opportunity to develop the varietal properties of the alcohol that was spun off and repurpose it into a range of high-quality gins.

Using a combination of traditional and non-traditional extraction and distillation methods, we’ve created a product that both reduces our environmental impact and harnesses delicious wine qualities in a premium gin.”

The stand out from the pack is a world first Prosecco Gin. Floral, fun, light and elegant, the Prosecco Gin is a blend of juniper, citrus and rose buds. Suffice to say you’ve never had anything like this! Pairing great with soda or tonic, or even in a martini, this will quickly become a home bar staple. 

The deep red Shiraz Gin on the other hand is sweet and peppery, infused with wild botanicals and a shiraz juice that is extracted from premium shiraz grapes. If you’re already a fan of the Tempus Two Shiraz, test this new gin on for size. It goes extra well in a negroni. 

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Lastly, a more classic gin variety, the Wild Botanical Gin is a full flavoured, earthy, citrus gin, made using botanicals found in the Australian bush like desert limes, saltbush and wattle seed. This one will surprise you with its easy drinking. No need to dress up and best served as a gin spritz over ice and with a good dash of citrus. 

The Tempus Two Gin Range is available at the Tempus Two Cellar Door and for purchase on

Tempustwo.com.au and selected First Choice Liquor stores.

Please drink responsibly, and always eat food while drinking to ensure safe consumption. If you or a loved one feel they have a problem with alcohol, help is available.