Tag: Winning ideas to make the most of the snow this Australian winter

Winning ideas to make the most of the snow this Australian winter

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Because it’s bloody freezing, beach visits are out, so what are you going to do? Go to the snow! Here are some tips to do it right. Wear sunscreen. The cold doesn’t stop the UV rays – in fact, the snow actually reflects the sun’s rays, meaning double exposure when on the slopes. Using a sunscreen that’s designed for exercise will keep you protected while you master the snow.?? ?  Nappy protection. For beginner snowboarders who are more likely to fall back onto the snow, duct tape a couple of nappies down the backside of your pants. If you’ve ever been hit in the tailbone, you’ll know why this might be a good idea.?? ?  Road to the Snow. Consider the type of vehicle you’ll need to travel to the slopes. We might forget being in warmer climates majority of the year that the roads can get icy with snow settling, making it harder to drive. It’s best to drive a 4×4 vehicle, I always drive my Toyota Kluger up to the slopes – it fits all my friends and all our snow gear in too.? ?  Pack snacks in your jacket pockets. Time flies when you’re having fun, which is inevitable in the snow and hitting the slopes so make sure you’re stocked up for any emergency hunger situations.?? ?  Early Birds catch the fresh snow. It’s best to set the alarm as early as possible, this way there will be fresher snow and minimal queues for equipment hire and ski lifts.?? ?  Snap the Stacks.? The funniest moments are the unexpected moments,… Read More