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How window shutters can transform the look of your home

Window shutters

It doesn’t take a complete renovation or full home makeover to give your home a new look, whether it’s the interior or exterior of your home. Sometimes just changing one feature can transform the look of your house and breathe new life into it. In this post we’re going to be covering a few ways that installing window shutters can brighten up your home and give it a whole new vibe. Internal or external shutters The interesting thing about window shutters is there are ranges designed to be installed inside the home, and there are also shutters you can buy that are designed to be installed on your home’s exterior. What this means is you have options. These days many shutters have been devised with your home’s interior in mind, where the shutters are used instead of curtains or blinds. Shutters for your home’s interior Common choices for internal shutters are: Just about all shutters designed for internal use have adjustable louvres. This enables you to have complete control over the angle. To allow full daylight to enter the home, open the louvres all the way. To keep the room dark, simply close them right up. Another two good points to note about louvres is you can adjust the angle to maximise the breeze coming in the windows and direct it down towards the lounge or bed, and the angle can also be adjusted so people can’t see in, but yet the fresh air still flows. It’s actually one of the greatest advantages to installing… Read More