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Weekend packing: the bare essentials

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If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that where people are denied the opportunity to mix with others, that’s the one thing they crave. Everyone who has experienced lockdown probably shares the counterintuitive feeling of wanting to be in a corner at a party wondering when is the earliest you can leave without being rude. Weekend travel should never again be overlooked as a nuisance. It’s a joy that should be cherished along with things like a baby’s smile and finding money in an old coat pocket. For many of us, getting away hasn’t been an option for so long that we may have forgotten how to pack. Here are the bare essentials. These boots were made for walkin’ Footwear takes up so much space. That’s why you need ankle gumboots. They are so versatile that you can literally wear them almost anywhere. Going shopping? They’ll get you through the day and look good the whole time. Going out for a meal? Gum boots can be paired well to give you a bohemian edgy style. Meeting the Queen? They also look great in a curtsy. Those who already know to pack a pair of gum boots are likely familiar with the benefits. Durability, light weight, and maximum comfort are just some of the reasons why people travel in gummies. If you’re yet to sample the delights, why not get involved and add a new dimension to your travel wardrobe. Anything’s got to be better than dragging a separate suitcase of sandals, flip-flops,… Read More