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You can now drink weed -The Cannabis Company released first-ever cannabis terpenes gin

Cannabis Company distillery

It’s a new age we live in, alright.  The first thing you think of when someone says “hemp gin”, is the smell of pot, infused with the floral notes of gin. It certainly narrows the market share down to a few, but if trends are one thing to go by – and they are – Melbourne’s The Cannabis Company is charging forth. And doing well, as they go.  “It took quite a few goes to get to a good product,” explains marketer, Cormac Sheehan in an interview with SBS. “As we started adding in botanicals, we began to uncover a gin which was great, but not quite award-winning. That wasn’t good enough – from day one we didn’t want novelty gin. It had to stand on its own two feet as a gin, regardless of the cannabis element. If you never knew it had anything to do with hemp, you still had to be able to enjoy it as a gin. The real breakthrough came when we started adding terpenes to the distillation process.” The new gin is made with a few must-know’ essential bits, which we’ve outlined below. It’s a ride.  Terpenes The innovative new spirit is named “The Myrcene Hemp Gin” in reference to the most abundant terpene found in cannabis, terpenes being the primary constituents of the essential oils in many types of medicinal plants and flowers and can be considered the “essence” of a plant. Terpenes work with other cannabinoids such as CBD and THC, creating a union of compounds that achieve better results as a group… Read More