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4 reasons why opting for food truck wedding catering makes perfect sense

Food truck wedding

The wedding industry is evolving all the time, and the latest concept that is making rounds and becoming increasingly popular is having a wedding food truck. Gone are the days when you had to have a formal buffet with three courses and a high price tag. Now, you can choose your favorite roadside delight and have all your guests relish it, too. Are Mexican tacos your dream food? Now you can have that as a food option on the happiest day of your life.  4 Reasons Why Food Truck Wedding Catering Is Right For You 1. Food Truck Wedding Catering Is Cost-Effective Any wedding you may have attended that had traditional catering probably charged the couple upwards of $100 per head. This isn’t unusual, and the amount can be a great deal more staggering in upscale venues. Food truck wedding catering, in comparison, is a simpler option that can provide you with a lower price point for your wedding food. Think about it: if the menu is three roadside delicacies or even two, you can significantly lower the cost per head. The food options you’ve gone for also account for the lower price because it’s tasty comfort food everybody loves rather than pricey prime rib or creme brulee.  A slight downside to hiring a food truck for your wedding catering is that they bring the food, the truck, and a couple of staff, and that’s about all. They won’t put up tables or provide cutlery and plates. They also usually won’t provide servers for the… Read More