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What are the benefits of waxing?

Wax waxing

When it comes to the removal of hair there is no denying the fact that waxing is the most popular method. As the years go by, more and more people ditch shaving or chuck out their hair removing cream and turn to waxing instead. But, why is this the case?  So, why do women wax? Well, there are several different reasons why. Firstly, a lot of people feel cleaner and more attractive if they get rid of body hair. There are areas of the body whereby removing hair is pretty much the norm, such as the legs.  However, there are other areas whereby people simply remove hair because they feel more attractive by doing so. For example, a lot of women have their pubic hair waxed off. There is simply a general feeling that men prefer this and that is why a lot of women feel more comfortable going for this option. Nonetheless, this does not mean that all hair is removed. Some women prefer leaving a bit of hair, such as a landing strip.  So, now you know the reasons why most people choose to have their hair waxed, but what are the advantages of this type of hair removal?  •    It lasts longer – One of the main reasons why people prefer waxing to shaving and removal cream is because waxing lasts a lot longer. This is because the hair is pulled directly from the root. Thus, you only need to book a waxing appointment every few weeks. However, if you were… Read More