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Tyson Fury masturbates 7 times a day – but should you?

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World champion boxer Tyson Fury recently announced that “most of [his] success comes down to masturbating seven times a day”. Yep, that’s seven (7) times per day. If that sounds like a lot to you, don’t sweat it. According to male sex toy brand Arcwave, the average man masturbates 4.5 times per week, which is a far cry from Fury’s average. But the two-time world heavyweight champion claims that masturbating helped his hands become stronger, and made him better able to manage his testosterone levels, which prompts a few questions, like: Can masturbation really help with body strength and athletic performance? Should I be masturbating more than I am now? What are the best ways to masturbate? So let’s break it down. First thing’s first: there is little to no evidence that masturbation has any effect on athletic ability. While there is a link between masturbation frequency and testosterone, it’s still unclear in which direction this correlation occurs. It may not necessarily be that frequent masturbation increases testosterone, but that someone with already high levels of testosterone has a higher libido and therefore masturbates more frequently. Explore testosterone support supplements to maintain healthy testosterone levels and support overall well-being. Some athletes report that they don’t masturbate or have sex before a match because they believe that it makes them tired or sluggish. Other athletes report that they do have sex or masturbate before a match because it makes them feel relaxed and refreshed. It is personal for each athlete and I encourage people to experiment with… Read More