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We’re killing the world, but The Body Shop is doing things to help reverse it

The long list of things that’re bad for the Globe at the hands of humans is insurmountable, BUT that doesn’t mean a lot of it can’t be stopped or undone. The latest revelation for many might be this, though; that the Australian koala is reportedly under major threat due to massive, uncontrolled habitat destruction. And it’s estimated that Australia will lose another three million hectares of forest in the next 15 years. The Body Shop doesn’t really dig this kind of news, apparently, so they teamed with that guy from Big Brother years ago, Tim Dormer  to work with local communities all over the world to build wildlife ‘corridors’ that connect damaged rainforests and habitats, in turn helping endangered species to meet and mate. “It saddens me deeply to know that one of our most loved animals is under threat, I just can’t imagine living in this beautiful country of ours without any koalas left in the wild,” said Tim. The Body Shop bring this mission home to Australia where they’ll be planting around 12,000 koala-friendly gum trees to reinstate the koala habitat across 30 hectares in Noosa, Queensland. This project, in partnership with Koala Crusaders and The Noosa Biosphere Community, sets out to stem the decline and to provide a safe and re-connected habitat for the koala population to flourish and re-populate. The project aims to restore 30 hectares of forests in the centre of Noosa, an area severely affected by years of catastrophic levels of tree clearing and habitat fragmentation. It’s good news and something that needs… Read More