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The LGBTQ Community, workplace sexual harassment and discrimination

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Workplace sexual harassment is a serious and widespread issue. The #MeToo movement has brought it to the public’s attention, which is certainly helpful. Anyone can face discrimination or sexual harassment at work. However, disproportionate targeting over the years has long been a reality for the LGBTQ community when it comes to workplace sexual harassment. A community member whose sexual predilections are common knowledge might be a target, and those situations can be tough to deal with for the individual. Here are some workplace sexual harassment aspects about which the LGBTQ community should be aware. It Can Happen Anywhere Workplace sexual harassment can happen in any field. LGBTQ military members face it frequently. Other areas where it can be an issue include: In a nutshell, no industry is safe from this problem, so it can pop up in virtually any workplace scenario. LGBTQ individuals choose to face this in different ways and one of those might be securing the help of a legal person, like from Dhillon Law. Some of them never address what is going on, fearing retribution or job loss. Others report what’s happening to HR or they go higher up the corporate ladder. Still, others feel so pressured that they leave to pursue another work situation. You can’t be terminated for sexual preference or gender identity A landmark case just decided by the Supreme Court guaranteed protections to LGBTQ individuals. Now, there is protection from job termination for people who are: This victory, coming during Pride Month, is terrific news for the cause. Going forward, it seems as… Read More