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The Oxford Tavern has been redone: Petersham’s new loved local

Oxford Tavern

From trivia on a Tuesday, to taco Wednesdays to a smoker out the back called Black Betty, the Petersham haunt that is the Oxford Tavern has something going on in the inner West, all its own. It’s been taken over by brotherly duo, James and Josh Thorpe who’ve kept things as they were back when the joint used to be a strip club, just removed a bit of the sleaze. It’s dark, but welcoming, relaxed and fun, with the classic “Hot Live Girls” neon sign on the street, illuminated nightly. Though now, it says “Hot Live BBQ”. The rear courtyard is huge, comfy, comes complete with a little grotto-like nook that’s been fairy-lit and padded seats at group tables for couple who’re after somewhere secretive to hide away in, or large gatherings ready to try any of the Tav’s brews a go. The Thorpe boys have prided themselves on their ability to source and sell some of the most unique, local ones out there. Primarily from Sydney, if a brewed beverage is your thing, then ticking this place off your list should take prime position. They’re going with a ‘hyper local’ take – brews that aren’t from further afield than 5 kilometres – and have done it well so far. The Thorpe brothers are big believers in supporting independent local businesses, breweries and distilleries and see Indie producers as the driving force of quality and innovation in the industry, which is why the Oxford Tavern is the only pub in the Inner West that exclusively sells independently owned beer brands…. Read More