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Tennis training aids – Top tips to Improve Your Game


Be honest. Have you ever watched the tennis Open, seen those players send the ball over the net and thought – ‘can’t be that hard.’ Well tennis may look graceful, but it takes a hell of a lot of grunt work before you can ace the ball whenever you want it with perceived ease. The good news is you can only get better, so why not start right now? Follow these top tips to see improvement in your game, and watch your ranking rise at the tennis club as a result. Professional equipment You can’t be a tennis titan with a second hand racket and some inappropriate shoes. To set your game on a new course, you will need to invest in quality tennis equipment that will support your growth and allow you to be responsive and competitive on the court. A great racket, tennis shoes and free-form clothing are a good place to start – but don’t rush out there just yet. Speak to some of your tennis buddies, and seek guidance from your coach on what brands you should be keeping an eye out for. What looks good may not translate to form on the court, so be sure to source the right equipment. There are times to skimp out on equipment, but tennis is not such a sport where you can get by (with any sort of advantage or edge) without securing quality kit. Flexibility Don’t let flexibility be the one thing that brings down your game. Too many aspiring athletes think… Read More