Tag: Tasty solutions to cool down and refresh yourself in this heat

Tasty solutions to cool down and refresh yourself in this heat

Frozen cocktail drink

Summer is lovely; the flowers are blooming, days are longer, people tend to be out and about more. Due to the recent pandemic, this summer maybe even more appreciated than ever. However, we’ll soon remember that even though it’s lovely to be out in the heat and sunshine, we need to keep hydrated. With this in mind, this article provides some tasty solutions to help you remain cool and refreshed on those hot summer days. Freezing fruit We all know how nice it is to have fruit, especially if they’re full of juice and goodness. But have you considered freezing fruits? Slicing up lemons and limes before putting them into freezer bags, or putting things like grapes, seedless berries, pomegranates, and orange segments into your freezer will set you up for many a sweet treat. For instance, if you want a fizzy drink with an extra twist, you can get out a few frozen lemon and lime slices, and dunk them in it. Swirl them about to release their flavor, and you’ve got a super-tasty drink. These even taste great in the water. Grapes, pomegranates, and orange segments are great to munch on as an afternoon snack in warm weather. They’re so refreshing and are a great way to fill that hunger gap in a healthy way, whilst also keeping you refreshed. Frozen pomegranates in particular are wonderful to sprinkle over ice cream for that extra-cold crunch. Smoothies Smoothies are a great way to keep cool and refreshed, and they’re so versatile, meaning any fruit… Read More