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Experience Shogun Culture in Shizuoka

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With the recent premiere of FX’s new series Shogun on Disney+, Japan’s captivating history, especially the era of the Shogun, has been thrust back into the global spotlight. This limited series has not only entertained audiences worldwide but also sparked renewed interest in exploring the rich tapestry of Japan’s shogunate history. In response, Explore Shizuoka has unveiled an educational series of videos shedding light on the Prefecture’s pivotal role in the seven-century-long saga of Japan’s Shogun culture. Shizuoka, nestled along Japan’s South Coast, is a region steeped in the legacy of the Shogunate era. It was home to three of Japan’s most renowned Shoguns, including Tokugawa Ieyasu, who is at the heart of the Shogun series on FX. This connection to such significant historical figures makes Shizuoka an essential destination for anyone eager to immerse themselves in the world of the Shoguns. The First Shogun, 12th Century The educational series begins with the tale of Minamoto Yoritomo, whose youth was spent on the Izu Peninsula at the eastern edge of what is today Shizuoka Prefecture. This area was also where he met his wife, Hojo Masako, and together they established the Kamakura Period, marking the inception of Japan’s Shogunate. Visitors to the Izu Peninsula can explore the Izusan Shrine in Atami City, where the couple were wed, offering a tangible connection to this foundational period in Japanese history. Watch the full story here. The Most Famous Shogun, 16th Century The series then highlights the life of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the central figure of the Shogun series… Read More