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Jump into bed with 300 strangers – there’s a new kind of date night in Perth

Movin cinema

150 beds. 300 couples. A lot of curious hands. A lot of quality movies. This is a date night in Perth when Mov’in Bed is in town, Perth’s outdoor movie experience with beds instead of bean bags and couches and a couple’s ideal night out at its core. They’re doing something different this year, though, with a thematic Hollywood diner served straight to your bed. Expect 50s American classics and have a bit in the James Dean, our home made crispy bacon burger or try our fresh Cesar Salad aka the Grace Kelly. Desserts have not been forgotten with the Gary Cooper, a unique Nutella milkshake and the John Travolta, our huge west coast banana split. And for the healthy ones & veggo’s we’ve got our portobello mushroom burger, the Jimmy Hendrix. Not mentioning a curated selection of wines, beers, champagnes, ciders and soft drinks. So, for romance, food and a flick, this is it in Perth. See the full list of what’s on, here.