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National Portrait Gallery unveils posthumous commission of Terry Higgins

National portrait Gallery

Don miss the unveiling of a powerful new portrait by artist Curtis Holder, in support of the Terrence Higgins Trust’s 40th anniversary. Terry Higgins – Three Ages of Terry is a posthumous work that honors the life of one of the UK’s first AIDS-related illness victims. The piece depicts Terry as a teenager, a young man, and in his final weeks before his death, with a multilayered and delicately sketched style that captures his humanity, physicality, and sexuality. The portrait is set to be displayed at the National Portrait Gallery’s Making the Modern World gallery when it reopens on June 22nd, and it will be the first portrait of Terry Higgins and the first work by Curtis Holder to enter the gallery’s collection. The portrait is a testament to Terrence Higgins Trust’s ongoing fight for change in the face of HIV and AIDS, raising awareness and helping to destigmatize the virus. By showcasing the stages of Higgins’ life, the portrait offers a snapshot into the impact he made during his time and pays tribute to his passions and vulnerabilities. The palette is limited to hues of mostly red, a reference to the now-familiar symbol of the red ribbon, a universal symbol of awareness and support for people living with HIV. This incredible portrait is not only a celebration of Terry Higgins but also a testament to the power of art to capture the essence of a person’s life and legacy. So make sure to head to the National Portrait Gallery when it reopens on June… Read More