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Celebrate National Hamburger Day with Cleaver’s Organic


It’s National Hamburger Day on Saturday 28th May so why go out for a burger when you can create one in the comfort of your own home with quality patties and produce.  Cleaver’s Organic has joined forces with former MasterChef contestant Tim Bone to create tasty recipes inspired by four iconic movie milestones to enjoy this National Hamburger Day.  Thanks to Cleaver’s Organic, Aussies can enjoy delicious homemade burgers with grass-fed certified organic produce that is 30% more nutritious than conventionally produced meat.  You can find all the Cleaver’s Organic ingredients you need for your National Hamburger Day recipes including Beef Mince (RRP $13.00), Beef Sausages (RRP $10.00) and Chuck and Brisket Burgers (RRP $10.00) and more at selected Coles and independent grocers. Chicago Burger Recipe – Serves 4 4 brioche burger buns 1 pack Cleaver’s Organic Beef Chuck and Brisket Burgers 8 slices of American Cheddar 3 tsp celery salt 2 brown onion, peeled & chopped into wedges 2 tbsp olive oil 4 tbsp American Mustard 4 tbsp ketchup 1/4 cup pickles 1/2 cup roasted capsicum strips 2 tomatoes, thinly sliced Preheat barbecue Grill burger buns on the barbecue Place the onion wedges into a bowl, drizzle with 1 tbsp of olive oil and 1 tsp of celery salt. Toss to combine, separating the onion layers. Cook on the barbecue, tossing occasionally until it starts to char. Remove. Place the burger patties onto a plate. Season both sides with 1 tsp of celery salt and 1 tbsp of olive oil. Cook on the barbecue… Read More