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Design legacy of Visnja Brdar at MUMA


New York-based Creative Director, Visnja Brdar, has emerged as a prominent figure in the global design arena, leaving an indelible mark with her innovative and captivating work. From her humble beginnings as a seventeen-year-old to the most recent artworks, Brdar’s journey encapsulates a narrative of unwavering commitment, creativity, and impact on the world of graphic design. The upcoming exhibition, “Visnja Brdar: Design Exalted,” supported by Monash Art Design and Architecture, is poised to be a transformative event, shining a spotlight on the evolving legacy of this influential Australian female designer within the global design landscape. As the centerpiece of the 2024 Melbourne Design Week, this exhibition holds the promise of unveiling the depth and breadth of Brdar’s enduring values and contributions to the design world. Set to be featured in the annual program of leading Australian design, “Design Exalted” is not only an homage to Brdar’s exceptional body of work but also a celebration of her profound influence on the design community. The exhibition will serve as a testament to the transformative power of design, showcasing Brdar’s evolution from her early days as a budding talent to her current status as a trailblazing force in the industry. Adding to the significance of this milestone event is the release of Brdar’s first book, a publication that stands as a testament to her impact and influence. Co-published by Monash University Museum of Art and Powerhouse Publishing, this book, meticulously designed by Brdar herself, offers a comprehensive exploration of her work within the Australian, international, design, and broader… Read More