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Ways to maximise natural light in your new home

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If you’re building a new Melbourne home from scratch, or doing major renovations on an existing home, then one of your goals should be to maximise the amount of natural light you’ll create in that new space? Why? Well, as a leading, award winning luxury residential architect firm in Melbourne would tell you, natural light is key to creating a happy, more comfortable space, not to mention saving on energy bills and working to kill harmful bacteria and other organisms that might otherwise grow in your home. Therefore, if you’re worried about the amount of natural light that your current plans are going to allow in, and want to increase it, here are some ways that you can achieve that as you finish your build or renovations: 1. Use of Glass Flooring This one isn’t for the faint of heart, but it can work very well if you want to get more light from upper floors into lower floors. Glass floors or ceilings will allow more light to filter into rooms below. We’re not talking about clear panes of sheet glass, necessarily, and while it is a bold design choice, the effect of sharing more light between floors is undeniable. If you don’t like the idea of an all-glass floor, then you could lay a concrete floor with glass blocks intermittently to allow light to filter through, too. It depends on what kind of overall aesthetic would make you happiest. 2. Internal Glass Another common problem that people have is that their home design will… Read More