Forgot the wine? Jimmy Brings in 30 minutes

Jimmy brings

How good are you? You’ve just cooked up dinner for five of your mates. The cheese platter is ready to go and you’re just about to whip up dessert when you realise, you’re missing the rum for the rum and raisin pudding. Problem is that the guests are due to arrive in 15 minutes, the […]

You can now get your Spotify subscription with wine

Cellarmasters organic wine 1

Spotify and Jimmy Brings – the first alcohol delivery service – have teamed-up to make sure your dinner party goes from 50-100 thanks to their Songmelier edition pairs. They’ve come together to make hosting a breeze, releasing a limited-edition range of wines paired perfectly with music. Consisting of fan favourites including an Australian Sparkling, Sauvignon Blanc […]