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NGV Melbourne hosting a jewellery and body adornment exhibition

Man jewellery scaled

There’s a new a new display highlighting the NGV’s important and multidisciplinary collection and it’s all about your favourite thing: jewellery. The NGV will present an exquisite selection of works from antiquity to the present day, reflecting the wide variety of making traditions and practices across different material, cultural and geographical contexts. And why does it matter? Well, like few other disciplines around the world and from antiquity, it’s defined by a relationship with the body, jewellery and body adornment are among the world’s oldest known artforms. Drawn from multiple areas including Indigenous Art, Decorative Arts & Antiquities, Australian Art, Asian Art, Fashion and Textiles and Contemporary Design, the exhibition will range from the ceremonial and talismanic. Think from the decorative and conceptual. The display features work composed of dazzling, highly prized materials, such as precious gems, metals and iridescent seashells, as well as unexpected materials, such as hair, plastic and rubber, which challenge conventional thinking of what constitutes jewellery and its significance. Jewellery and Body Adornment from the NGV Collection will be on display from 27 August 2022 – 12 June 2023 at NGV International, St Kilda Road, Melbourne. Free entry. Further information is available via the NGV website: NGV.MELBOURNE