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Clean and clutter free: The best ways to maintain your home

Cleaning mopping kitchen

Cleaning up is no ones favourite thing to do at home, but as responsible adults it’s something we have to just buckle down and get on with. A tidy and organised home is not only more practical but it’s also nicer to spend time in too. There are actually a number of things you can do that will make life easier by ensuring cleaning and maintaining it is much quicker, here are just a few ideas for going about it.  Swap carpets for wooden floors Carpets might make the home feel warm and cosy, but in terms of floor coverings they’re not the most practical choice. They hold onto stains and smells, they’re problematic when they get wet and they can become frayed, faded in the sun and the pile can flatten after continual walking. In terms of practicality as well as cost, hard flooring is by far your best option. Rip up the carpets and replace with wooden floors or a natural stone like granite or even marble for a luxurious finish. These flooring choices will cost you up front, but will last for decades so are a great long term investment. Any stains and spills can be mopped up in seconds and these types of flooring look good with any decor style. They’re timeless so never look dated so once they’re down, you’re all set for the foreseeable future. You can always lay down a few rugs to add comfort and warmth, it’s much easier to replace rugs than entire carpets so when… Read More