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Lining up is for losers – skip the queue with Hey You!

Veneziano Coffee Roasters Richmond barista

You know when you wake up in the morning? And you’re tired and shitty? But the only thing that makes you happy and able to function and dress and get to work to plant yourself at your desk is coffee? Or, breakfast? But then the thought of waiting in line to get said breakfast or coffee totally kills your vibe?  Yeah, we all do. Which is why Hey You! exists.  It’s a simple concept, really. It cuts out all the fluffing around with waiting in lines to order at your favourite cafes, restaurants, take-away joints or wherever else participates. This means you can choose and order while you’re en route, pick it up and be at work, smashing it down all within the blink of an eye. So to speak.  Hey You worked with Hays researchers, who found that only 28 percent of Australian workers take their full designated lunch break – and nearly 1 in 10 skip their lunch breaks altogether. And yet 93 percent of workers admitted that they saw improved productivity whenever they stepped away from the office. So there’s no wonder that making food, coffee and times away from work a lot more doable, quick and easy, Hey You is onto something. The app lives on your phone and lets you order ahead – with food selection and payment handled directly through the app.  Check out Hey You at their website or get it from the App Store or Google Play.