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Tips and techniques for grilling in an Australian winter

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As we say goodbye to warm weather, pool parties, and queuing up for a sausage sizzle at summer BBQs, might we recommend thinking twice before packing away the grill for the winter. Though we try to avoid the outdoors during the colder months, the best comfort foods often come with that cosy, smokey flavour you can only ever get from grilling. So as the temperature begins to drop, now is the time to invest in a pellet grill – it’s essentially cooking with wood but at the flick of a switch. These handy tips and tricks for winter grilling may just get you reaching for your coat, alongside those much-loved warmer recipes you have filed away. Prep your menu Having a menu ready not only saves you time by preparing earlier, and having your ingredients ready to throw straight on the grill (less time in that cold air for you), but it also saves a lot of stress when it comes to cooking for a crowd. My recommendation in these colder months is to stick to simple dishes and do them really well. Lamb shanks with potato bake, or a smokey mac and cheese with whiskey. Make sure your grill is stocked full of pellets and ready to be turned on If you’re new to the grilling world, you may be surprised to hear that grease and oil actually can go bad over time. If your BBQ got a workout over the summer, I recommend taking some time prior to clean down the grill and… Read More