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Riding the roads – 4 must visit locations in Queensland

Four wheel drive beach

Sprawling across the northeast part of Australia lies scenic Queensland. This area is home to the world-famous Great Barrier Reef and many other beautiful stretches of coastline. But even beyond the stunning beaches, the region also offers a number of exciting opportunities for both tourists and locals alike. Exploring the coastline and cruising around in the sun can be one of the highlights of your trip if you know the right places to stop. Brisbane, the bustling capital of Queensland, is filled with unique and novel opportunities for road trippers. The great climate and diverse landscape make the perfect duo to provide you with an experience to remember. Whether you want to venture out by taxi in Brisbane, head to some more remote locations or whether you prefer to zip around the metropolitan areas, Queensland offers something for everyone. Let’s take a closer look at just some of the must-visit locations in Queensland for anyone planning a visit. Tour Around The City The City of Brisbane itself offers a number of opportunities for adventure. Whether you travel through Brisbane on foot, by car, or via taxi, there is a lot to see. Many landmarks are worth checking out, including several historical sights. The city is also filled with contemporary architectural features such as its numerous stunning bridges. Several museums and galleries are also worth getting out of and about for especially as a way to take a break from the heat in summer. As a coastal city, a drive along the numerous beaches is sure… Read More