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There’s a new alcoholic soda range in Australia

Fellr soda

Renowned for being Australia’s top-rated and independent hard seltzer, FELLR is thrilled to announce the addition of four unique tastes to its product line with the launch of FELLR DOUBLE Alcoholic Soda range. This new range, boasting a stronger flavour and a fuller mouthfeel compared to regular seltzers, offers a potent 6.5% ABV and 1.8 standard drinks. As of today, FELLR DOUBLE is set to roll out across the nation, available at both national and independent retailers. While FELLR’s Seltzer range has confidently claimed beachside picnics and beer gardens as its domain, FELLR DOUBLE is poised to become the staple at energetic house parties and late-night gigs. The new range introduces flavours like Green Apple, Lemon Squash, and Raspberry, conjuring a sense of nostalgia with their classic tastes. Furthermore, the popular Passionfruit flavour remains in the lineup, catering to the brand’s existing fan base. Ever since its inception, FELLR has been dedicated to prioritizing flavour and producing the most refreshing products in the market without compromising on costs. This commitment to quality has resulted in FELLR’s remarkable achievement of bagging 2 Trophies, 7 Golds, and 10 Silvers at distinguished international wine & spirits shows. Among these, the FELLR Passionfruit Flavour was lauded as the world’s best brewed Hard Seltzer at the 2022 The Spirits Business, Hard Seltzer Masters in London. Brought to life by Andy Skora and Will Morgan amidst the global pandemic, FELLR is the result of their combined experience from distinguished careers in the beverage industry. Since its launch in July 2020, the… Read More