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Expert tips for choosing the right food for your dog

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Your dog is a member of your family, and you want what’s best for him. Whether he needs to lose weight or gain it or maintain his current healthy weight, there are many food choices available that can help you reach your goal. If you are considering making the switch from one product line to another, it’s worth taking a minute or two before purchasing. Here are factors you should consider to help you make the best decision. The quality of the food You should seek food that contains high-quality proteins, which are necessary to maintain your dog’s health. Protein comprises amino acids, the fundamental components of muscles, organs, and skin. Hence, High quality food for dogs should contain at least 25% protein. Low protein foods might cause your dog to lose weight and muscle mass. Foods high in carbohydrates might affect your dog’s level of glycemic control, which can lead to weight gain over time. Carbohydrates provide energy for your dog. However, it would help if you choose whole grains instead of processed flour because whole grains are very nutritious and minimally processed. The quality of the ingredients Check the ingredients list on any product you consider buying. If it includes corn, soy, or wheat (which some manufacturers add as a cheap filler), it’s probably best to choose another product. These ingredients are likely to cause allergic reactions in your pet. Even if he’s not allergic, they won’t provide him with the necessary nutrients to be a waste of money and time. If you’re… Read More