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How to eat and train like a professional rugby player


Strength, agility, stamina, and power are few words that tend to float around in the ethos of Australian Rugby League. We’re in the midst of origin for 2021 and we’re seeing some of the greatest physical athletes at peak performance, putting on a show, so how exactly are they achieving such a sought-after physique? I’ll let you in on a few industry secrets. In a game of Rugby League muscle is essentially your armour. Out on the field it provides protection as much as it does help impact the opposing players. To get to such a stage, you have to workout in a particular way, one that’s going to stimulate growth in those major muscle groups. You really want a mix of compound weight movements and functional exercises that will prep you for movement required in each game. Here are my top five exercises to implement into your workout today: Deadlifts – Full body compound movement, improve the bodies posterior chain strength and power. Barbell squats – Great way to strengthen and gain power throughout your lower body and core. Standing medicine ball wall throws (side throws) – Great for overall core strength and power. Jammer press – My favorite exercise for rugby league it works the whole body. Landmine rotations – Another full body core exercise that will strengthen a variety of muscle groups required in rugby league. Onto the foodie side of things. Generally speaking, rugby players have large energy, fluid, and carbohydrate requirements, because of the level of exertion needed to both… Read More