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3 fresh decorating tips to update your home in your new style

Living room

If your house doesn’t make you feel ‘at home’ anymore, your interior décor might be a little out of synch with the person you have become. You needn’t redecorate the whole place, though. Who has the time or the budget? Just a few well-chosen home décor touches can make all the difference. Try these tips to help you create a welcoming up-to-date space that speaks to you. Consider Starting With Your Living Room Maybe you don’t feel at home in any of the rooms in your house anymore. That said, embarking on a top-to-bottom renovation project is beyond most budgets. But you must start somewhere. In many homes, the living area is the feature room, as the center of the home, and also the largest space in square footage, so investing time and money in this room is likely to get you the most bang for your buck in terms of revolutionizing the space. A fresh, cozy effect needn’t break the bank. Creative lighting solutions, indoor plants, and a new rug or two can transform the space without draining your home renovation budget.  Replace Your Sofa When restrictions on money and time mean you can’t totally revamp your living space completely, start by choosing one or two areas that are central to your experience in the room and catch the eye when you walk in. When you enter a living room, the sofa is one of the first features that you see. As a relatively large piece of furniture, the sofa is often the focal… Read More